Anthony Catania - Artist
Anthony Catania - Artist

Anthony Catania

This diseased world is rapidly becoming a less biological diverse, less healthy and less moral place to live in. Our Paleolithic ancestors left us wonders in their caves. What is this depraved age bequeathing in its caves? Death! Subterranean nuclear waste depositories, generated from the research and production of nuclear weapons, radioactive for a hundred thousand years. Our caves are places no human will ever inhabit or see, places designed to repel life and light.

The future is null, so I find solace in digging up the voices of the past. L.P. Hartley commences his 1953 novel The Go-Between with the statement: ‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’. I believe in a constant coalescence with the past; I believe that great artists make our pasts richer and deeper. When I read Borges, my past stories become Borgesian, when I read Kafka they become Kafkaesque, when I watch a Hitchcock film they become Hitchcockian…

My Dantesque, Ovidian, Coleridgian and fabled past stories are constantly (re)visited in my visual work. Through allegorical experimentation with digital collages and traditional artistic media, my pasts are transformed into dark, distorted and hyperbolic visualizations of wispy elongated limbs, skeletal grotesqueries and mottled macabre fantasies. My fragmented and decentered palette is dominated by black (adhering to Theodor W. Adorno's premise that this is radical art's primary colour), but also incorporates Byzantine golden hues, blood reds, marine blues, astral whites and dank earth colours.

It is a vision interwoven with macabre themes, a dusky pessimism, disconnected trajectories and a visceral contemplation of our dead culture.